Gear Motions' Oliver Gear Division Receives New Gear Cutting Technology - HERA 350 CNC Hobbing Machine

January 08, 2015 - "Company News"

Gear Motions VPGM Mike Barron reports they have recently taken delivery of a new Hera 350 CNC gear hobbing machine. This is one of the first Hera’s of this size (350mm) operating in the United States. Although this company has thousands of machines in plants all over the Far East, they had never really considered the US market until approached recently by RP Machine for the sale of their new technology machines in the US market.

RP President Richard Piselli says he was impressed when he saw these machines on a trip to N Korea, as well as in plants he visited all over east Asia. Pound for pound, he says, this is great technology at a great price.

gear motions, inc
Barron reports that this hobbing machine will significantly improve our gear manufacturing productivity as well as process capability and overall quality of our cut and ground gear products.
The machine is rugged! Nearly ten tons of mass will make cutting up to 4 DP gears a breeze.
Bottom Line, this is great news for our customers looking for more “gear” for their money.
gear motions, inc.


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